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Welcome to Actuent hosting and web marketing. Our Vancouver marketing agency provides responsive web development, design, hosting and web marketing. Actuent delivers tangible results with our combination of services and experienced web marketing. There are many components to successful web marketing.

For over 10 years Actuent has been providing web marketing to customers throughout North America and Vancouver. We help our agency customers target local, regional, national and global markets on the web. There are many components to successful web marketing.

Quantity versus Quality Web Marketing

Web marketing success is based on tangible sales lead conversions generated from traffic on the web. Unfortunately many of our competitors don’t look past the numbers in their marketing. Web marketing agencies often try to dazzle their customers with inflated low quality web traffic numbers. Actuent gauges performance by increased sales conversions and Return on Investment (ROI) generated with our targeted web marketing.

Bringing in visitors to a site is the easy part of web marketing. The hard part of marketing is bringing in qualified buyers with higher sales conversion rates. What type of visitor traffic your web site attracts is often more important than the numbers. It is better to have a high sales conversion rate with medium traffic volume than a poor conversion rate and high traffic volume. This is a cardinal rule in web marketing.

Web Marketing Consulting

Web marketing services are also available on a consulting basis with Actuent. We can help guide your success and increase your knowledge of the cardinal rules used in web marketing. There are numerous cardinal rules dictated by the Search Engines that affect design and search engine optimization in marketing.

A Search Engine friendly or optimized web site that follows the cardinal rules receives preferred status and higher search results on the web. Violate the more serious cardinal rules of the search engines and you will never get off the ground with your web marketing.

Free Web Site & Web Marketing Analysis

Web marketing is littered with obsolete theories, misconceptions and ignorance. The search engines are constantly changing the rules and moving the goal posts, which affects marketing. What was legal today could be illegal tomorrow. Unless you are immersed daily in marketing on the web it is extremely hard to keep up with the constant changes that affect web marketing.

This is the main reason we offer a free web site and marketing analysis for our existing, potential and new customers. Simply use our easy request form for a free analysis on your web site and web marketing.

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